Additional Services

Employer Holiday Club program

A great benefit to offer your employees at no cost to you. They get to save for their holiday gift buying and you get to help them.

  • Save systematically through payroll deduction
  • Attractive interest rate
  • May opt to have annual check directly deposited
  • Simple bookkeeping process for employer

Club Merchant program

Advertise your business for free in our annual Club Merchant program which includes a discount from your business offered to thousands of 1ST SUMMIT BANK customers who are members of our Club and PrimeTimers’ Club checking account.

Credit Card Merchant

Give your customers a credit card purchase option.

  • Competitive rates and fees
  • Accepts VISA® and MasterCardTM alternative payment choice for customers
  • Local customer service

Gift Cards

1ST SUMMIT BANK Gift Cards are excellent as holiday gifts for employees or vendors and as an incentive or reward for your employees.

Gift cards are safer than cash and with a 1ST SUMMIT BANK Gift Card you don't have to worry about limiting your gift to a single retailer. Our gift cards are accepted anywhere that accepts MasterCard TM worldwide.

Don't waste precious time searching for just the right present. You can purchase 1ST SUMMIT BANK Gift Cards from all of our convenient Community Offices.