Consumer Awareness


Data Privacy Day

Protect yourself online with these cyber security guidelines. Read more.


Smart Cards & Chip Technology

If you use credit and debit cards, you may begin to see something different about them. The difference is a small, square area, where there is an embedded computer chip. These new cards are called "Smart Cards" and use microchip technology. This technology promises to make your in-person credit and debit card transactions safer than ever before!

Learn what you need to know about the new credit and debit cards by clicking here.


You may have heard about the fraud affecting our local area in the news. We are experiencing a problem with fraudulent debit card charges in some of our checking accounts. We have been actively monitoring this situation and are taking proactive steps to contain the fraud. Through our enhanced security monitoring you may be contacted to verify purchases that do not appear to be in your normal spending pattern. Please contact the number provided immediately to verify the transaction was completed by you.As always, reviewing the transactions in your checking account on a regular basis is a good preventative practice. If you have any questions call 814-262-4010 or 888-262-4010.